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Birth of the smartphone opened up the world of technology to endless possibilities. The phone was transformed from a simple house gadget for making calls to an everyday necessity. Smartphones were soon equipped to take picture, videos, store music and access the internet. Applications were born to perform these task and many more. Phones could store this data and thus came the need to transfer it from one phone to the next. Bluetooth was the pioneer of this technology. However, Bluetooth was soon overtaken as such applications like Xender cropped up. They promised faster transfer speeds that over shadowed their predecessor.

By downloading and installing the Xender apk (android package kit), you are ready to share. Link to download Xender apk is given below in the post. Xender uses WiFi protocols to transfer information between mobile phones involved. WiFi stands for wireless fidelity. WiFi uses radio signals in the Gigahertz range to transfer data between communicating devices.

Xender APK Info

xender apk

DeveloperXender Team
CategoryFile Sharing App
App Installs100 Million +
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

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Using Xender For File Transfer  

Xender is popular due to its easy to use features. Besides being user-friendly, Xender is relatively small. A seven megabit download from the Google play store and you are ready to share. The application has a 4.4-star rating with over a hundred million downloads. Both the sender and the recipient of the data need to have Xender installed and open. The device to send the data creates a hotspot. The recipient then needs to join that hotspot and file sharing can commence. The hotspot feature allows for the transfer of files to multiple devices simultaneously. The interface allows the user to browse their device and choose what to send. Xender is capable of transferring apps, pictures, music, videos, and documents. The history tab shows a record of previously sent and received files.

Sending Files to PC from Smartphone

File sharing is not limited between mobile to mobile. Using an android emulator like bluestacks on your pc, it is possible to share your files from your phone. The clever invention eliminates the need to use cables to accomplish transfer.

Recent updates to the application further improved smartphone to pc file sharing. A feature that enables one to send files to their pc is available.

The process is quiet similar to the mobile to mobile phone transfer. Create a hotspot using the mobile device. Connect your pc to the the WiFi network which Xender creates. Open the web browser on your computer and type in a URL that Xender will provide and you are connected.

Advantages of Xender APK

xender apk

This app is very useful for people, see its all advantage below –

  1. Uses Wifi connection and does not use any data to transfer the files. Besides a connection between parties sharing files there are no other requirements to use the application.
  2. User friendly user interface that is easy to navigate through with basic knowledge. The controls names self-explanatory to their use.
  3. File transfer is not limited to two users. Any smartphone that is connected to the hotspot can send and receive data.
  4. Frequently updated to match changing demands of the users
  5. Transfer of files is possible with mobile devices running on different operating systems. For example an android device can easily transfer files to an IOS device.

Disadvantages of Xender

xender apk

Every things has pros and cons and same applies here. See some disadvantages of Xender APK.

  1. In the case of the smartphone both the sender and receiver of data has to have the Xender application installed on their device.
  2. File transfer is limited by distance. In order to transfer data both the sender and the recipient have to be in close proximity to each other for the transfer to take place.


Xender is a good file sharing application. It covers the basic file transfer criteria that a normal phone user may require from such an application. The capability of file transfer across multiple platforms is an attractive advantage. This is a fete that most applications are yet to conquer. The application clearly deserves the 4.4-star rating it holds.

Download Xender APK Version 4.0.0402 For Android
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