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Whatsapp Plus is one of the most popular versions of Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus 6.50 only in android 4.0 or above. It is easily available on the internet. For smartphone android user, it is a very useful versatile messaging application and is very popular among the Whatsapp users. Since WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook, there is a likelihood that it will have more features in future. Meanwhile WhatsApp Plus remains a feature-rich substitute.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, with a lot more functionalities and features. It has amazing new features which you will not find in the official WhatsApp. You can download Whatsapp Plus APK using below link and install it easily by given instruction. It was initially developed by Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. Later, the Whatsapp plus apk mod was developed by the Android developers and has many new features not found in the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is also known as WhatsApp+. It has a blue icon instead of the original green.

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Whatsapp Plus APK Information

CategoryAndroid Apps
App Installs100 Million +
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

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Different From The Official WhatsApp

WhatsApp+ is neither supported nor recommended by the original WhatsApp, but the fact that WhatsApp is not banning this means they have no problems with users using it.

Installing WhatsApp Plus is simple, and anyone who uses smartphones with Android can do it in a jiffy. However, you will need to delete the original WhatsApp before installing WhatsApp Plus APK. So it is your call whether to go for it or not.


WhatsApp+ is like having Whatsapp on adrenaline. It has several exciting features. If you are excited and ready to try the WhatsApp Plus, read on to know more about its exciting features, and how you can start using it right away! It definitely provides a great User Experience.

Whatsapp plus has features that you have always dreamt of. Some of the features which you had wished should be in WhatsApp, has been provided here. No wonder, it is called WhatsApp Plus. It has features like Last Seen Hide, Sending Larger Files, Video Calls and many such features that you would fall in love with. It also enables easy sharing of several kinds of audio files, videos, images, and e-books.

visual themes

Visual themes and Appearances

One of the reasons WhatsApp+ was created was to give a great new and fresh look. It allows you to change the look and appearance of WhatsApp. You can choose new styles or themes. These themes can be installed free and there are thousands of themes you can choose from and download. You can also change the background, the look of the contact list, and the colors and styles of text.


New Emoticons

If you are the type who expresses himself through emoticons then WhatsApp Plus has additional new emoticons, from several sources like FB. However, these emoticons can only be seen by people who have WhatsApp+ in their phones.


last seen

Hide Your Last Seen, Blue Ticks

Its great privacy features like hiding Last Seen, Blue Tick, and Double Tick, which appear on reading the messages; were unique and much sought after by users, have been included in the original WhatsApp itself. It can also hide the “Typing…” status in Chats and also WhatsApp Plus is Ban-proof and you need not be apprehensive about being banned from WhatsApp. Another great feature is that you can have 255 Characters in the status instead of the limited length of status earlier. Now, you can have maximum 256 members in a group which is less in original Whatsapp.

file sharing

Easy and Convenient File Sharing

With WhatsApp Plus you can send larger files up to 100 MB. These files can be of any format like PDFs, Documents, Spreadsheets, or Slideshows. You can opt for quality and sizes of video and images.  Also, You can send 90 photos at a time instead of just 10. You can keep the high-quality resolution in images or change it. It has also option to create group invite links and share them to allow friends to directly join the group through the link.



Changing Appearance and other Settings

WhatsApp Plus delivers powerful user interface and allows improved and more design customization. Icon colors and notifications can be modified. It offers several options for changing the settings, which include :

  • Header, colors, and size of chat images
  • Header and size of contacts’ image
  • Appearance and size of pop-up notifications
  • Size and colors of widgets
  • Built-in Lock Feature

It has in-built lock system to lock your Whatsapp chat conversation, without using any third party app.

video calling

Enabled Video Calling Feature

One of the great features is the Video Call option, which does away with the need to have a separate app for video calls. You can also change resolutions of video calling quality and voice call quality.

Few More Amazing Features

In other words, WhatsApp+ is a modified version of WhatsApp with added advanced extra features that leaves its users with better quality and performance of the App. You will find the latest version very amazing and user-friendly to work with.

See the list below for more such features.

  • Ability to set ‘24-hour online’ mode.
  • Ability to set multiple images and videos status.
  • Can disable voice call.
  • Send text broadcast to groups.
  • Ability to filter messages when clear chat.
  • In chat screen, you can change conversation font style, and background colors of the chat.
  • You can have 13 bubbles style and 17 tick styles.
  • Preview media before downloading, to save your time and data.
  • Ability to Identify Admin messages in Group chats.
  • Enable live location sharing.
  • Copy status of your contacts on the clipboard and use it.

How to Install the Latest WhatsApp Plus on your Android Device

The latest 2018 version is the WhatsApp Plus V6.50. To install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus you will require :

  • A smartphone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above version.
  • Phone Number to register with Whatsapp Plus
  • Active Internet Connection

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Whatsapp+ from the above-given link.
  2. Since you will need to uninstall your original WhatsApp, you need to have a backup so that you do not lose precious conversations on WhatsApp. To do this; Go to WhatsApp Settings; Next, Go to Chats and choose Backup. Wait till the backup process is complete.
  3. Whenever you install a new APK, you will have to enable Unknown Sources in the Settings. You just need to tick the required option.
  4. Next step is to uninstall WhatsApp from your Android phone. To do this; Go to Settings, select WhatsApp from the Apps displayed; click Uninstall.
  5. Install the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK. After installation is complete, open the  Click on Agree and Continue, to allow it to access your device.
  6. Enter your mobile number to verify it in WhatsApp Plus. Enter the verification code.
  7. After the verification is over, you will get a popup asking you whether to restore the last backup. Click Yes to it. Wait till the previous chats history is restored
  8. Enter your display name and choose a profile picture. That is all you need to do to enjoy the WhatsApp Plus experience.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed the latest WhatsApp Plus on your Android smartphone. Now you can enjoy all the amazing features that it offers. Also, visit other pages of our site for more amazing apps.

WhatsApp Plus APK Ver 6.50 Download For Android – AppDrifts
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