On-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Traffic

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If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who just began to create a new website, Search Engine Optimization is the first thing you need to invest in. Now the major question is, what exactly is SEO and how will it help you to increase the website traffic?

On-Page SEO Techniques to Increase Your Website Traffic

It is usually regarded as the process of increasing traffic on your website by using easily available sources like keywords, Meta descriptions and others. SEO is the best strategy to improve your website’s popularity easily.

This is, in simple words, the art as well as logic of making a website appear at the top of search engines. This will also make your website appear more frequently in the search engine results. Here are some ways which will improvise the website traffic by On-page SEO techniques.

#1 Optimize SEO Titles of Your Website

Usually, people who are new to the website business don’t pay much attention to the titles of their website page. This behavior has some serious negative impact on their website’s traffic. Using proper SEO titles is the basic requirement to gain popularity and fame through your website.

Page titles need to be such that the main keywords are included in them in a natural yet innovative manner. Unique titles must be added to every page of your website for positive results. The reason behind using SEO Titles is that every time anybody searches for the keywords, your website will have increased chances of showing up first on the search engines.

Example, if you need to post your blog on Creamy Custard Recipe, you must add the same in the title in natural ways. “Creamy Custard Recipe” or “Custard Recipe for Health Conscious People” are some innovative SEO Titles.

#2 Use SEO-friendly URLs

Short and simple wins the race; you must keep your website URL short yet to the point. First 2 to 5 words of your website’s URL determine its ranking on search engine results.

Website owners must opt for short, simple and accurate URLs for a better traffic, popularity and sales. Also, Keywords are the backbone of SEO Techniques. Fit in the main keywords anywhere possible for better crowd. Also, ugly looking URLs aren’t preferred by the people at all. They need something less complicated and easy-looking. Make sure to take care of the URLs if heavy traffic is your ultimate goal.

#3 Use Optimized Meta Descriptions

You need to make an appropriate Meta description for your webpage. Meta descriptions are filtered while people search the keywords, this increases your website’s chance of emerging in the Top searches.

Also, make sure to draft a short, to the point and creative Meta description for your website. If we use the same example of Creamy Custard again, the ideal Meta description would be “This facile Creamy Custard Recipe is the most delicious, mouth-watering and appealing Custard ever”. The key to traffic load is use of multiple keywords in the Meta description.

#4 Include Some Modifiers in Titles

After you are done with making an accurate title, meta description and URL, focus on using modifiers in the other titles. Modifiers are words used by internet surfers while trying to find the suitable result for their keywords.

These words will improve the ranking of your website. Some of the ideal modifiers are “guide”, “checklist”, “review”, “2018”, “Best” and “Top”. Hence, go ahead and use modifiers to improvise the traffic of your next website.

#5 Add a Few Multimedia

Nowadays, User interaction and engaging is the greatest focus of Google and other popular search engines. They want their users to be more engaged, lost and attracted by the results. Owing to this activity, Website owners must include multimedia to increase the crowd.

Adding few images in your page makes a huge difference in the rankings on search engine. You can also add videos and diagrams that are precise and can be understood easily. Also, the images make your website look more decorated, attractive and easy to read.

#6 Make Sure to Include Keywords in First Paragraph

Enough about the titles, let’s switch over to the real content of your webpage now. Make sure to include at least one main keyword in the first 100 to 150 words of your website’s content. Most of the people add a complicated, story-like and mysterious introduction to their content.

This might engage the crowd towards your page but it isn’t really preferred by the search engines. Instead, what you need to do is add the main keyword in the first paragraph itself for SEO-friendly content. You must focus more on the SEO aspects; crowd will follow naturally if your website is SEO optimized.

#7 Boost the Website Loading Speed

Google suggests increasing the website’s loading speed as it has some serious role on the SEO rankings. Search engines prefer only those sites which take lesser time to load. Some of the easy ways to achieve this goal is by increasing image compression added on the webpage, faster hosting and other tools.

Recently, studies showed that a webpage with a loading speed of four seconds or less has more chances of appearing in the top of search engine results. Also, more than 60% of the surfers didn’t visit the sites which took more than four seconds to load. You must work on increasing loading speed to engage more and more people towards your website.

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These are some of the easily achievable On-page SEO techniques which are the most revised ways to increase website’s traffic. Undoubtedly there are more ways to make your website SEO Optimized one. Also, you must use multiple on-page SEO techniques on your website.

Use of only one or two techniques will not necessarily improve the crowd. Ideal way to increase the website traffic is using easy SEO Titles, accurate Meta descriptions, Proper keywords, Add images and work on the loading speed. After doing this much, you will start seeing positive results and improvised search engine rankings of your website. Make sure to use the On-page SEO guide for your next website.

On-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Traffic
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