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Remove In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher

Every day several new Apps are launched and are available for download. Although the majority of these Apps are genuine, yet there are many Apps that send a lot of ads to make money. The worse is that many apps are used for spying, data collections and contain many hidden malware. These days people want to use many Apps for free. At least some people want to use the full version for free, till they are satisfied and confident that they should buy the App for being ethical users. Lucky Patcher comes to the rescue of these people. Here I will show you how to remove in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher app.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an App that has a set of features that helps you perform certain operations that may be of help to you at that moment. It is not an App meant for hacking, but to genuinely help people. Some of its features are:

  • Lucky Patcher analyzes the apps that have been installed on your smartphone.
  • It then offers you the actions that you can perform on the app.
  • For instance, you may like to remove the license verification that is part of the process that requires to do so before downloading from Google Play.
  • You can modify the permissions that are necessary to be given before using the app.
  • You can also extract the APK files required for backup.
  • Some actions which are considered illegal can also be performed such as removing Google ads.
  • You can also unlock paid apps so that they can be installed on more than one device.

Remove In-App Purchases

To use Lucky Patcher, it helps if you already have a rooted smartphone. If not, you can root a phone easily by following a few simple steps. It is a very important step to remove in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher app.

Install and run Lucky Patcher. You will see onscreen a list of all the apps that have been installed on your device. It will display the various actions that can be done on these apps. Lucky Patcher’s back engine recognizes these apps and has complete information on them.

The actions that you can do on them are displayed alongside the installed apps. There is also a color code that indicates the compatible actions with the tool that can be done upon the apps.

These color codes and actions are given below:

  • Green – the app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play
  • Yellow – The app has a specific patch that is available
  • Blue – It indicates Google Ads
  • Purple – It is a system startup app
  • Orange – This is a system app.
  • Red – This app cannot be modified.

As mentioned earlier, some of the actions shown above may be considered illegal by the App developers. When an app is listed in Google Play, it becomes very difficult to install it from outside. That is why users are forced to install it through the Play store.

However, one can be creative and the extraction of apps and removal of permission can enable you to run the app in situations where it was not intended, like in several smartphones or on non-compatible devices like tablets.

Lucky Patcher is also very useful for Android Developers. It offers tons of information about every app which is normally not found elsewhere. It gives information on the versions of Android on which the app can be run.

You also get a list of all kinds of permissions that are required by the app. Since it has detailed information about all the apps, it can also tell you if the app you are using is an original one or it is a modified one. This helps you discern the original against modified ones which may be having malware.

So whether the purpose of using Lucky Patcher may be questionable or otherwise; there is no denying the fact that it is a very useful and must-have app.

How To Remove In-app Purchases Using Lucky Patcher App – AppDrifts
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