Free Spotify Premium Account on 2018(100% working)

Free Spotify Premium Account is one of the best ways to be able to stream music. In this article, we will discuss the Free Spotify Premium account. As we all know, there are two versions of Spotify. We have the Free version and the premium. The Free version has a lot of limitation.

Free Spotify Premium Account

Among them, they include very many adds, the limited number on the number of sings that you can be able to listen. Knowing how important music is to very many of us, we shall try to discuss how you can be able to get the Free Spotify Premium account.

What Free Spotify Premium Account?

Spotify can offer the premium option. If you want to access the premium, you can go ahead and be able to purchase the pay credit. Well, there many reasons, the first reason is that you will be able to eliminate all the ads. You know what this means? You can be able to listen to music with no interruption. By having the premium account, you are handed a key to be able to access multiple kinds of music of different varieties. Are you traveling to a place where the internet may be limited? Worry not! You can be able to download music so that you can listen offline. You will also be able to get a chance to create multiple playlists.

Amazing Features of Free Spotify Premium Account?

Here is a list of Amazing Features of this app

Unlimited music: With this account, you are offered multiple kinds of music that you can be able to listen and not constrained by anything.

More features: The account has some additional features. Among the features, they include podcast services that will be able to allow you to develop a proper network of music and also have a very good experience.

Offline listening: Unlike the free account where you can’t be able to download the songs so that you can listen offline, this version allows you the independence to download the songs and listen to them later.

Sync: The premium account will allow you to be able to sync your songs to other gadgets such as phone, tablet and even to your laptop.

Radio feature: You can easily switch to listening to music via radio with no limitation.

Variety: The account not only can offer you more n more music but also, you get a huge variety of songs that you can be able to listen to. How to get the Free Spotify Premium account Despite the pros that this account has, it will require you to have a few dollars so that you can be able to subscribe to the account. Suppose you do not have the dollars to pay? How do you get to have Free Spotify Premium Account? There are three main ways in which you can get this account.

• Free Spotify Premium Account List This is the easiest way to be able to get Spotify Premium for Free. It will not require you to pay anything. The first step that you need to take is to visit the official website of Spotify. The following are some of the credentials that you can use to login:

Email [email protected] password: selena87

Mail [email protected] password: kedar1##

Email [email protected] password: kedar

Email [email protected] password: kedar1##

Mail- [email protected] password- techwebsites1

• How to get Spotify Premium Account by Android Most of the users of the Spotify accounts are android users. To get a free Spotify premium account is easy. The first thing is to download this application either from play store or even the Spotify Premium App. Ensure you have enabled installation from unknown sources. Install the Android application. After this, get to download any VPN on play store. From here, get to log in your Spotify free account, and it automatically redirects to the premium account.

• Get this app by subscription code Another way to be able to get the free premium account is by inserting some code after visiting the app or site. Do register using Email, Password, Username, Date of Birth and Gender. Open and go to account.

The next screen that comes up inserts the code below. -WTHOD-2SUAAQ-XFS99-U5V21 7J9TT-QFNF4-9JLTF-Q2F1C


I hope you get to enjoy the new experience of using Spotify Premium account. May music always brighten your day!

Free Spotify Premium Account on 2018(100% working)
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