Free Netflix Account Username & Password

Having a Free Netflix account has become one of the best ways to stream videos. In the recent days, we have been able to witness various ways through which one can be able to stream various videos. Majority of this accounts of streaming requires you to pay.

Free Netflix Account

Those accounts that do not require you to pay do not have a huge content that you can stream. They also do not update their content as soon as fresh content is available. Well, it seems your frustration is coming to an end. With just a Free Netflix account, you get to access multiple contents and fresh as it is with no much delay. The Videos are also of very high quality.

What Free Netflix account?

Netflix is a platform that does provide a variety of content that is available for streaming. It has a rating of being among the best sites of streaming. From this website, you can be able to watch latest movies as well as televisions as fresh as they are in the market. Another great online entertaining platform is spotify,you can also get free spotify premium account with some tricks. Netflix is accessible from over 190 countries. Netflix Company has said that their users doubled after they started streaming services. It has also been able to disclose that more than 69 million users are currently using Netflix Premiums accounts. Previously, they were only offering DVD services across the USA. You can be able to access Netflix either from your phone, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Smart TVs, computers and game accessories. After registering for the Netflix, it usually offers you a one month trial for the new users. After this, you will need to pay to continue enjoying the various services.

Features of Free Netflix account?

Here is a list of Features of Free Netflix account

• Limited Movies, shows- If you are using the Free Netflix Account, you will have very limited movies and shows that you will be able to enjoy. This means that you cannot be able to enjoy the movie you want. You have to deal with what is available.

• No rating: After you complete to watch a certain fil or show, you do have the freedom to give your perspective on a certain film or show. This means that your opinion won’t count as only the people around you will get to hear about it.

• No resume mode: If you are using the browser to be able to access movies, and then you get to log out, you will have to start all over again as there is no resume option.

• One device: You cannot be able to access Netflix on multiple devices.

Using Netflix

Netflix is accessible on multiple devices ranging from phone, tablet and the computers. The first thing you need to ensure is that you have a very good internet connection. The open the official Website of the Netflix by Netflix link. Tap on Join Free A month, and from here you begin the one month trial period. Get to choose a plan. Select the basic plan. Please enter your email and the password. Enter credit or even debit card. The process will now go on to completion. You can cancel this before deduction if you do not wish to continue with the free service.


I want to believe that you will get to enjoy the Netflix by streaming that video you have always been yearning to watch either alone or even with friends or family. If you are in a position to subscribe to the premium account, I advise you to do so, and you will be able to enjoy the unlimited content of very high quality.

Free Netflix Account Username & Password
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